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Invisalign or Traditional Braces – Which Ones to Go For

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Straight teeth are considered highly attractive and healthy. They look good, feel good, and improve oral health by making it easier to chew and bite. Until recently braces were seen as something that is uncomfortable, not appealing, and expensive. The problem is that people have frowned on the measures taken to get straight teeth such as braces since their introduction. It’s only recently that modern technology has introduced advanced forms of dental braces which have allowed for people to feel comfortable wearing them. Gone are the multiple years of attaching metal to your teeth and multiple options are available now which allow you to choose between the traditional style of having metal in front or choosing to use an invisible aligner. If you want straight and healthy teeth but are wondering which dental braces to get, here is a guide outlining the features of both types.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign braces are made from a clear plastic material. Unlike traditional braces, they do not involve any wires or metal brackets and are removeable like a retainer. Just like a retainer,  Invisalign aligners are worn throughout the day and taken off at night. They are clear and see-through so no one can tell you’re wearing them, they also come in sets. Each set is worn for two weeks and then a new set is made to facilitate your new teeth positioning.

Here are some key features of Invisalign aligners:

  • Transparent: The key feature and benefit of Invisalign aligners is that they are transparent and highly unnoticeable when worn. This may be good for your confidence as metal braces are highly visible, flashy, and sometimes considered not aesthetically pleasing. For teenagers with social anxiety, Invisalign aligners are a good option to boost self-esteem and straighten teeth at the same time.
  • Comfort: Invisalign aligners are comfortable and nothing has to be attached to your teeth like traditional braces with metal wires. Being easily removable makes them easier to get used to and more convenient when doing extreme sports where your teeth can be impacted by a bad fall. With Invisalign eating and chewing is not painful or uncomfortable. And getting food out of them is as easy as removing the braces and sticking them under water.
  • Modern Technology: Invisalign are not only technological advancements in the way they look and interact with your teeth but also in the way Dentists are able to figure out how much tightening needs to be done to your gums in order to straighten your teeth. Invisalign aligners use a software that allows patients and dentists to see the predicted outcome of their teeth and allows them to create each new set. The graphs become a motivating factor in continuing the pursuit of keeping the Invisalign aligners on and properly treating their teeth to improve their smile.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are the oldest and truest method for straightening teeth for that perfect smile. Traditional braces have also gone through technological advancements and although they still include metal wires, brackets, and elastic bands that take less time than previous materials to straighten teeth. Traditional braces are a no hassle method in straightening teeth since they are affixed to teeth permanently. With Invisalign braces you need to visit the dentist every few weeks traditional braces only require visits every few months.

Here are some key features of traditional braces::

  • Cost: Traditional braces are more affordable than Invisalign retainers. With less checkups, less materials needing to be created, and less chance for errors to occur such as forgetting to place in your Invisalign braces traditional braces have the advantage in cost efficiency.
  • Effectiveness: Traditional braces are considerably more effective than their counterparts for people with severely crooked teeth. They are affixed to your teeth so you can’t lose them or forget to put them in. And Invisalign braces may be less effective or may take immense time to fix your teeth while traditional braces can be tightened and banded to do their job faster.
  • Overcrowded Teeth: Traditional braces are also a better option when it comes to fixing overcrowded teeth.
  • Long-Lasting: Traditional braces are made of metal so they don’t stain or discolor like Invisalign braces do. If you are a smoker you may prefer traditional braces over Invisalign ones.

Summerlin Dental offers professional services when it comes to Invisalign and traditional dental braces. We have all that you need to straighten your teeth and bring back that confident smile. If you are searching for a “braces dentist near me” online you can learn more about our dental services here at

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Dental Braces – What Are the Signs That You Need Them?

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‘Do I need dental braces?’ – is a common question that pops in our heads if we notice misaligned or crooked teeth. The basic purpose of braces is very clear. Braces are used by people throughout the world to straighten their teeth. However, dental braces function in other ways as well. They are used to align the upper and lower jaws and to improve the facial structure to lessen the pressure on jawbone.

Dental braces work best on children and young adults since that is the age that we grow the most therefore facilitating the dental braces process. The ideal results of dental braces on adults are seemingly low. Braces help by molding the jawbone to the new structure of the teeth, hence becoming a permanent fix. Adults whose teeth don’t respond to braces may have to undergo surgical procedures to fix misaligned teeth.

This is why dentists recommend dental braces as soon as you notice misalignments in your smile. The signs that you or your child needed braces are:

1. Loss of Baby Teeth Early

If your child is losing their baby teeth relatively earlier in life or their adult teeth are taking time to come in, this may be a sign of improper growth. You must get these irregularities checked by the dentist as they may have an impact on the growth and development of their teeth.

2. Crooked or Crowded Teeth

Do you feel conscious to smile openly because you have crooked or misaligned teeth? Did you notice crookedness in your baby’s teeth? Or have you heard your dentist say that your teeth are crowded? This means the teeth are impacted and there isn’t enough space in your mouth. You may need to consider going to a braces dentist near you.

3. Jaw Sounds or Shifts

If you feel uneasiness in your or your child’s jaw such as looseness or you hear jaw sounds while eating or speaking, you might need to consult a dentist for braces. This is a sign of a development issue in the jaw and teeth. Dental braces and retainers are used to fix the jawbone into the right position and improve the growth of your teeth.

4. Problems When Biting

Misalignment of your teeth can cause a lot of issues when you bite. You will be either constantly hit the side of your cheek or the roof of your mouth. These issues are called an under bite or an overbite. They are caused by misaligned teeth in the mouth and can be very painful and stressful on the jawbone and gums. It causes inconvenience and difficulty when chewing food so when you experience this find a braces dentist near you. Dental braces can fix this problem.

Orthodontic treatments often help more than just the aesthetic and physical appearance of your bite. One improvement can turn around your self-esteem and a person’s overall self-image. Straight teeth can help with cleaning and reduce potential health problems associated with the teeth and jawline, so in the end it also improves your oral health.

Improved Appearance

If you have utilized braces or Invisalign to straighten your teeth, you are more likely to be more proud of your smile. By improving your appearance, patients notice more confidence in themselves which can help in their everyday lives. This is important for children and young adults because it helps encourages them to try new things and gain additional confidence to succeed. It is commonly known that people often judge others based on first impressions so having a beautiful smile can help.

Improved Oral Health

Having straighter teeth can make daily brushing and flossing two daily routines of oral health easier. By making it easier to brush and floss you can protect your teeth from conditions such as tooth decay, gingivitis, and plaque build-up. According to the American Dental Association the following conditions occur less if you have utilized proper orthodontic treatment.

  • Tooth cavities
    • Gum disease
    • Tooth loss
    • Worn tooth enamel

Improved Nutrition

By having straighter teeth you can increase the ability to chew properly which can reduce the risk of getting sharp food stuck in your teeth. Having straighter teeth will make eating  solid and nutritious foods such as fruit, meat, and vegetables easier.

Dental braces are becoming increasingly popular among children and adults as well. If you need consultation from a braces dentist near you in Nevada, contact Summerlin, NV for the best services.

We have experts dealing with modern technology solutions to your dental problems. Visit our website and learn more:

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3 Types of Dental Emergencies That Require an Emergency Dentist

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Toothaches are commonly considered as one of the worst kind of pain that a human endures. We all know how our mouth can develop further swelling if we leave even the mildest toothaches untreated. But what if you suffer a dental emergency during a weekend, holiday, or at an odd time in the night when your regular dentist isn’t available. It is a good idea to know of a local emergency dental office in your local area.

An emergency dentist near you can be a savior. Emergency dentists are available 24/7 on call and are prepared to deal with common types of dental emergencies. Before going to one, you must know what qualifies as a dental emergency and what doesn’t. If your dental problem can be controlled at home through a painkiller or applying ice and can wait until the time your dentist is available, it may not qualify as an emergency. But if the dental problem goes beyond your control consider this an emergency situation and call an emergency dentist near you.

Why Should You Visit an Emergency Dentist?

Pain Relief is the number one reason to visit an emergency dentist. If you have a toothache, damaged crown or bridge and find yourself in severe pain, it is recommended to visit an emergency dentist rather than an emergency room. An emergency room may not have the tools or staff needed to provide the procedure. Having a dentist office located near you that provides emergency hours can be very advantageous for many types of dental emergencies.

The top 3 common types of dental emergencies for which you need an emergency dentist are:

1. Toothaches

Toothaches are typically a symptom of an underlying more concerning issue such as gum infection, bacteria, tooth decay, or root damage. A toothache can be classified as a dental emergency if the pain is excruciating and it’s hindering on your ability to chew, drink, talk or sleep. Especially since you are unable to assess what is causing the pain on your own.  If painkillers and ice packs don’t work, you need to see an emergency dentist immediately.

2. Chipped or Broken Tooth

Chipped, fractured, or a knocked out a tooth is a dental emergency that cannot be ignored – even if you think the pain in tolerable. Whatever the cause of the broken tooth is, it can turn into a dental crisis in no time. The broken tooth can cause an immense amount of bleeding. Moreover, it can be very painful and can expose the gums to bacteria and infections. If you have your broken tooth, keep it in milk or saltwater so that the dentist can try to fix it later.

3. Damage to Crown or Bridge

If you have recently gone through a dental procedure such as a dental implant, crown or filling, you are exposed to sensitivity, especially in the first few days or weeks after the procedure. Any damage caused to your crown or bridge qualifies as a dental emergency. Your local emergency dentist will advise you to call them immediately or pay a visit if you go through an unusual occurrence with your dental procedure. It is possible that your dentist already provided you with the guidelines for post-procedure care but do not take chances as you don’t want your treatment to get wasted or more complicated.

Affordable Dental Emergency Care

Here are recommendations if you don’t have dental insurance but find yourself in a dental emergency:

  • It is important to take care of the issue promptly to help prevent further complications such as infections or tooth loss. If you have an abscessed tooth you can save the tooth if you are able to visit the dental office in a timely manner.
  • Our dental office offers flexible financing terms.
  • You can research and apply for a health credit card in case of emergencies. This option would need to be obtained ahead of your dental emergency.

Find an Emergency Dentist Near Me

Our office in Summerlin, Nevada is an affordable emergency dentist that is available by appointment or by calling (702) 228-2218. The dental issues described above require immediate care and can prevent further complications if promptly treated.

If you live in Summerlin and are looking for a local emergency dentist near you, our staff at Summerlin Dental is available and ready to assist. Our dentists are available for your dental emergencies 24/7 on call. Find out more about our emergency dental services on our website.

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Affordable Dental Plans

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For a long time now some Americans have successfully avoided going to the dentist regularly which in the end impacts their oral health and hygiene. If you are one of those who have compromised your oral health for a long time due to affordability issues, lack of insurance, lack of suitable dental plans, or any other reason, we have good news for you!

Summerlin Dental has affordable dental plans and accessible solutions to help patients receive the best oral healthcare. So it’s finally time to change your attitude towards oral health and hygiene.

Advanced Technology

With the technological advancements we have every day, there are a number of treatments and solutions that you can opt for. Many modern solutions available today are comfortable, convenient, and affordable. For example, Invisalign is an alternative modern solution to metal braces since the materials used are a lot more comfortable.

Easy-to-use and inexpensive teeth whitening home-kits are also readily available to achieve a healthy white smile in no time. Laser treatments, typically used for tooth preparations and dental fillings have also had some advancement. Today, laser treatments are faster, convenient, and painless.

These modern methods give you a variety of dental solutions to choose from. Contrary to popular belief, some of these solutions are very affordable.


Now that we have the internet and smartphones readily available for research, awareness about dental hygiene and affordable dental care plans is widespread. You can search for the best dental plans and solutions available near you with a quick search on the internet. A common search term our patients use to find us online is “Affordable dentist near me” which will provide information about our office, contact info, reviews and hours of operation.

You can research and find out about the treatment that your dentist recommends for you. You can rest assured that you will never be uninformed about the procedure you are going through. Furthermore, at Summerlin Dental, we have professionals who you can communicate with. They will discuss your options and will help you choose the most suitable one.

When you are aware of what is going on with your oral health, you not only feel better but more confident with your treatment.

Affordable Dental Plans

Dental care is now at your fingertips. If you don’t focus on your dental hygiene now, you may end up having severe issues later, which may cost you a lot of money in the future.

You can get affordable dental plans at Summerlin Dental as we offer financing and insurance options. The financing options can be done through credit, cash, or personal checks. In addition to this, we provide coverage on most of the insurance plans.

We offer affordable dental plans which include discounts, vouchers, and timely offers. You just have to keep an eye and catch the best offers. Check out the promotional coupons we have on our website!

Disadvantages of Avoiding the Dentist

The disadvantages of not visiting us at Summerlin Dental could have negative effects on not only your oral health but general health as well.

According to the AARP, poor oral health for anyone 65 and older can increase their risk of:

  • Stroke by 300%
  • Heart disease by 180%
  • Respiratory infection by 500%

If you are someone that tends to avoid their dental check-ups, you might end up making a minor issue something a lot bigger and a lot more costly since the procedure could turn out to be much more complex. Something that we see that happens quite often is a patient will come in with tooth decay (cavity) but instead of just filling in the cavity the decay may have spread to the root, therefore, requiring a more expensive treatment such as a root canal and dental crown. The number one reason people visit an emergency room is because of a toothache. It is uncommon for an emergency room to be equipped with the necessary tools to treat dental conditions so they usually refer you to visit a dental office. By visiting a dentist in the first place, you avoid a trip to the emergency room which will be much less expensive. A routine dental exam and teeth cleaning to prevent toothaches are much more affordable.

It is important to know that your oral health is connected to your overall health as well. Certain health conditions can be caused by gum disease that start in your mouth and continues to spread. Here are a few health conditions that are found to be connected to your oral health; blood sugar control, respiratory infections, heart infection, heart disease, and dementia. This is why we believe maintaining your oral health is important.

It’s time you look after your teeth without compromising on the quality of the services and worrying about the cost. Our team will make sure you leave smiling. Our aim is to provide affordable dentistry for everyone. Review our financing policies at here and book an appointment today at (702) 228-2218.

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Emergency Dentist in Summerlin

Emergency Dentist Summerlin

Why an Emergency Dentist is Important

If you are involved in an accident or suffer an injury that might permanently impact your oral health it is important to visit an emergency dentist immediately. If you are able to be seen right away you can reduce the risk of permanent tooth loss or further complications. Losing one or multiple teeth changes the appearance and function of your teeth. This is why prompt treatment is important to prevent problems that are long term and costly.

Emergency Dentistry for Tooth Loss and More

It is important that people don’t assume that the only time to visit an emergency dentist is for tooth loss. There are many reasons why contacting the dentist for emergency assistance is justified. As an example, if a crown breaks or your braces are damaged visiting our emergency dental office may prevent a series of further complications. Our emergency dentists in Summerlin will repair or replace the damaged dental work and help with any pain that may be occurring until the dental problem can be fixed correctly.

One of the most common reasons for emergency dental treatment is tooth loss. A lost tooth has the potential to misalign and make your mouth less functional and can leave you in painl. A missing tooth may impact your smile as well as your confidence.

Visit an Emergency Dentist Instead of Going to the Emergency Room

If you have extreme tooth or pain in your gums it may not be necessary to visit the regency room at the nearest hospital. The issue can be that the doctors at the emergency room don’t have the skills, tools or experience necessary to provide emergency dental care treatments. At Summerlin Dental, our dentists are prepared for dental emergencies of all types.

What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency

Patients may struggle with identifying whether they should wait for a regular dental appointment or visit an emergency dentist. Some common dental problems that do not require a visit to the emergency dentist are tooth or gum soreness. If you are experiencing extreme tooth or gum pain than it would be advised to visit our office as soon as possible. Dental issues considered to be an emergency are major tooth damage, an abscessed tooth, losing a filling or crown.

Common Emergency Dental Problems

Cracked and chipped teeth are commonly repaired with composite resin that matches the color of the patient’s teeth. This resin is bonded to the damaged portion of the teeth for extra strength. The resin also provides assistance with helping the teeth remain firmly in place for long lasting results.

How to Proceed if You Have a Dental Emergency

If you have a broken tooth, bleeding in the mouth or a similar issue in regards to your mouth, you have a legitimate dental emergency. Call or visit our emergency dental office in Summerlin prior to trying any do-it-yourself approach to minimize the pain. The reason for this is because it can make the issue worse or hide a more serious underlying oral health issue like an abscess tooth or tooth decay. A common fact that can help with a tooth that has been knocked out to preserve it is by putting the tooth in a glass of milk. If you bring the tooth with you to the emergency dentist it is possible to save the tooth and re-attach it to the gum.

Summerlin Dental Care

Summerlin Dental Care is available for all of your dental and oral hygiene needs, including regular care.  Professionals suggest a dental check-up at least twice a year – more often for patients with existing issues.

Being so close to the best dentist in Summerlin means you never have to worry about finding a dentist for emergency care, but you also have a great dentist for regular dental care and check-ups.  Summerlin Dental Care is an established dental office which focuses on personal care and comfort, and we provide the most current and advanced dental care available.

Do not wait until you have an emergency situation.  Your oral hygiene is just as important as caring for the rest of your body, and deserves the same care and attention.

For more information, please call (702) 228-2218 or visit our appointment page at

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Teach Kids How to Brush Their Teeth

A Guide from Your Las Vegas General Dentist

As a parent you obviously want the very best for your children. The best schools, the best food, and the best smile! But it’s often easy to overlook properly teaching your child about their oral health. Since brushing properly is important to a child’s oral hygiene throughout their entire lives, Summerlin Dental wants to help you today with some simple and effective tips.

When Should I Start Brushing My Child’s Teeth?

You should start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as a week after they are born. Remember though, babies often don’t have teeth yet (unless they are born with natal teeth). To best wash a baby’s gums, don’t use a toothbrush or toothpaste. Instead get a soft damp washcloth and gently wipe your baby’s gums twice every day, preferably after feeding and before bedtime. This will wash off bacteria that if not removed can potentially lead to plaque which can be sticky and attach to baby teeth as they come in.

How Should I Brush Baby Teeth?

When a baby’s teeth first start growing you can switch out the washcloth for a gentle toothbrush and toothpaste. When selecting a baby’s toothbrush, find one with soft bristles, a small head, and a large handle. To start, simply wet the toothbrush and let your child get used to the feeling of brushing their teeth. Once they are between the ages of 1-3, you can start using toothpaste in globs the size of a grain of rice.

You should personally brush your child’s teeth until they are old enough to hold the brush themselves. Continue to supervise the process until your child can rinse and spit without assistance.

At these early stages of oral hygiene, make sure you are vigilant for signs of baby tooth decay, which can look like brown or white spots or pits on the teeth. If you or your pediatrician notices any problems take your child to a pediatric dentist for a checkup.

For more information on the early stages of dental health in young children, visit your local family dentist once your child is about one year old for advice on baby tooth care, teething, and other common needs of babies.

teeth cleaning summerlin

Steps to Take Once Your Child Can Brush Their Own Teeth

The first step to dental care once your child can brush their own teeth (usually about ages 6-8) is making sure your child can enjoy dental care.

First, take your child shopping with you when picking their toothbrush as letting them select their own toothbrush will make it feel like a reward that they get to brush their own teeth instead of a chore. Additionally, let them pick out flavored floss or floss picks.

After you have picked out your child’s toothbrush and floss, teaching your children how to properly brush while also making brushing fun is the next and most important step. To properly brush children’s teeth, make sure your child holds the brush at about a 45° angle towards the gums of the upper and lower teeth. The toothbrush should be moved gently in a circular, back-and-forth motion with short strokes along the teeth and gums. Lastly, make sure to brush the tongue to remove bacteria on the surface. Don’t forget to have your child brush for a full two minutes and brush twice every day.

When it comes to flossing, children should start flossing once their teeth begin to grow next to each other. To properly floss a child’s teeth, have them twine one end of the floss to their index and other end to their thumb. Place the floss in a C-shape between each tooth gently move the floss up and down each side of the child’s teeth. It is important to floss at least once a day after brushing, as plaque and food can settle between the teeth.

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Making it All Fun for Your Child

Getting your child engaged with brushing their teeth may seem like a daily struggle. Here are some points we have found to work best with helping our younger patients.

  • Reward Them with Prizes – Children don’t usually need much in the way of rewards. Create or buy an activity sticker reward board to track every day that your child brushes their teeth and get them a small reward for every consecutive week.
  • Is it Something They Have to Do – Just as eating or sleeping, make it clear that brushing their teeth is simply something that your child needs to do every day. This way, even if it is still not their favorite thing, they will understand it is something they are responsible for.
  • Toy Tooth Brushing Buddy – Kids love stuffed animals, so why not try getting them a little buddy for them when they brush their teeth? Get their favorite toy and give it its own mini toothbrush so your child can play pretend with their toy to brush their teeth alongside their buddy.
  • Find a Dentist that Will Makes Friends with Your Child – Kids need a general dentist that understands their needs and makes them feel at ease. When your child enjoys their time with their dentist, they will feel more inclined to up keeping good dental hygiene.


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Summerlin Dental: One of Las Vegas’ Highest Rated Family Dental Practices

To learn more great ways to improve your families’ dental health, Summerlin Dental asks you to call us at (702) 228-2218 or visit our appointment page today:

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Importance of Dental Health in Your Adult Life

For many adults in America, oral health may seem like a daily task you would rather not deal with or think about. In fact most individuals really only go to the dentist once they are in actual pain.

teeth cleaning summerlin

How important is Dental Health?

As you get older, your oral health becomes an essential aspect of your life, especially since your teeth tend to become weaker with age and with time you could develop deep pockets that require deep cleaning. Proper oral care involves brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist regularly as well as choosing to eat healthy foods that are high in nutrition to support oral hygiene.

If proper steps are not taken for your oral health, the risk of experiencing health issues increases tremendously. For adults and children that don’t maintain their gums and teeth with regular check-ups and cleaning large numbers of bacteria can develop in the mouth and lead to an oral infection.

Diseases like diabetes and heart disease have been linked directly to poor dental hygiene and more recently studies have shown there may be a link between advanced gum disease and dementia.

According to the Centers for Disease and Control 27 percent of the adults in the United States have untreated tooth decay and 46 percent of adults aged 30 years or older show signs of gum disease. Even the most basic of oral health practices: like using fluoride toothpaste, rinsing immediately after eating foods high in sugars, and drinking lots of water, can help promote oral health and protect yourself and your smile.

More Information on Oral Hygiene

When looking for advice or information on your dental health, it is important that you always speak to a dental professional that can give you clear, precise, and detailed treatment plan to maintain or restore your gum and teeth help. That is why at Summerlin Dental we offer our patients the best information and dental check-up services to help prevent advanced oral health issues.

To contact Summerlin Dental today for more information or to set an appointment, contact us today at (702) 228-2218 or book an appointment online at our appointment page.

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Do I Really have to Floss Every Day to Have Healthy Teeth?

You only have to floss the teeth you want to keep! J One of the best dental tips that you can have is a simple daily task to protect your teeth which is to floss and brush.

When you brush your teeth, you are cleaning about 60% of your teeth. That leaves nearly 40% uncleaned. Not a big deal, right? Think about it like this, over 100 different species of bacteria can live in your mouth at the same time. Do you want to leave 40% of those bacteria in your mouth? So, what can we do to clean the parts of your teeth the brush can’t reach? The answer, Floss.

By flossing once a day it can help disrupt bacteria colonies growing under the gum line, dislodge food particles that bacteria thrive on, and keep your gums healthy by avoiding gingivitis. The overall health of your body is directly affected by your oral health. A daily oral care routine which includes flossing is a great way to help fight infection, keep a bright smile, and stay healthy.

Dental Floss

Staying on Top of Your Dental Health

Set a Digital Reminder – Setting timers with your phone or reminders for your home computer system are free and effective ways to carve out time in your daily schedule for dental hygiene.

Install Productivity Apps – Joining online communities of other people trying to achieve the same oral hygiene goals as yourself through apps can be a major boost in confidence and help you track how many times you need to clean your teeth every day.

Get Easy-to-Use Flossing Use – Technologies tools like the Waterpik and Airfloss can make flossing fast, easier, and more effective than traditional flossing methods.

Keep your Dental Floss Handy – You never know will the urge will strike – so keep one in your purse, backpack or car.


For more information on the importance of flossing and brushing your teeth, call our Summerlin Dental office at (702) 228-2218 or visit

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